About Us

Cougar Security Group was established and became a registered company in 2005 as a company supplying professional manned and electronic security services to clients and corporations in the Central Otago region. Soon after establishing itself in Queenstown the company grew into other centres within the region and now offers and supplies a full range of services in all areas. Cougar Security Group is a fully equipped security company with a diverse range or equipment available to its staff and for lease by its clients.

Cougar Security Group currently has fifteen security vehicles operating in all area. These are manned by a full time staff of 38 security officers, adding to this are our team of security personal on event / site security duties & roles.  All staff and security officers are holders of current C.O.A`s (Certificate of Approval) issued by the New Zeland High Court and is now required to carry out any kind of security work, On top of this certain security officers have been given advanced training in different fields currently being undertaken by Cougar Security Group Ltd. Some of the specialised training undertaken by our staff currently covers:

Cougar Security Group supplies services to a full range of clients; this also includes: ADT / Armourguard NZ, Queenstown Lakes District Council,  Airport Corporation, Lakes Leisure Events Centre and we work closely with the NZ police.

Cougar Security Group currently supplies all services to ADT and Armourguard, on top of these supplies; community guides, noise control, animal control, freedom camping patrols & static guards to Queenstown Lakes District Council via contract. We supply security personal and management to the Lakes Leisure Events Centre for events and full security services to the Queenstown Airport Corporation, as well as many other clients.

Cougar Security Group has completed the supply of security services to some of the following clients/events: