Event Security


Cougar Security Group is a company well experienced in delivering a professional product/experience to any event, client and guest. Staff are all certified, experienced and well-dressed security personnel that can handle any event, large or small whilst presenting both, a friendly and professional approach to each occasion.


Cougar Security Group can supply anything from 2 Security Officers though to 100 personnel, depending on the size and structure of your event. All Security Officers employed with Cougar Security Group are fully licensed through the NZ High Court , complying with the Security Officers Code of Practice and, the implements of Cougar Security Group, ensuring you are provided with only the highest quality of protection on your premises.


As a company, Cougar Security Group understand the importance of planning an event, and as apart of their professional service, you will be provided with a tailormade package, along with full support throughout the entire process. If you wish to obtain a quote for such services please contact Cougar Security Group.