CCTV Camera Surveillance

Cougar Security Group has a group of highly experienced CCTV Camera Technicians ready to assist you with any requirements and in any situation.  We carry a full range of equipment onsite and this can be shown to any client looking at purchasing an alarm system.  We can cater to all of your requirements from those small requests and installations rite through to the largest installations. Our team of design and installation staff have a vast range of experience and can assist you in making your decision as to your requirements.

We work with all major manufacturers in New Zealand and internationally to get the very latest and best products on the market and if we don’t have what you require we will be able to obtain this for you through sales procurement team.

We offer a full design and build service and are only too happy to give assistance in planning system layouts and advising on the best camera devices to use in each environment and where to positioning these to get the best area coverage.  Very rarely is there a premise or site that will require only one type of camera to get the best results. We take into consideration the location and environmental factors or each camera location then supply the camera that best suits the area giving the best possible picture under the general conditions of where the camera is to be located and its viewing area. Our technical staff will take the time to explain to you the difference between different cameras so that you have a good understanding of what you are purchasing and how it works.

DVR recording devices are also selected based on the client’s requirements, all DVR recorders are not the same, our helpful staff will listen to what your requirements are and advise you on what unit is best suited for your needs.

If you are thinking about installing a CCTV camera system come and talk to us first for free advice, free product information and a free quote,

We are here to help.